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Part I: What is SOGIE and SOGIESC? Quiz

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  1. What does the acronym SOGIE stand for?1
  2. Which of these terms are in the acronym LGBTQIA?1
  3. Is there another way to refer to the LGBTQIA Community?1
  4. Which of the following categories are part of the SOGIESC model:1
  5. Think back on the four dimensions of the SOGIE continuum and see if you can accurately apply them: A person has an attraction to a member of the same sex. This is an expression of….1
  6. Alex considers themselves a male and is most comfortable referring to his personal gender in masculine terms, despite being born female. This is an expression of…1
  7. Vira is a biological female, sees herself as female, but dresses and acts in what many see as a male fashion. This is an expression of1
  8. Trevor is a person who is biologically a male, feels like a male, and finds himself attracted only to women. This describes Trevor in terms of:1
  9. Heterosexuality is a sexual orientation1
  10. What is VPride?1