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Part III: Effective SOGIE inclusion in times of disaster Quiz

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  1. Which of the following are seen as effective principles and practices as recommended by this report on SOGIE diverse inclusion in Disaster preparedness and Response?1
  2. Acknowledging the contribution of SOGIE organizations and people to DRR, and valuing their willingness and capacity to contribute to emergency response is part of which principle?1
  3. Demonstrating through your communications, your materials, your staffing, and your policies that you value and respect SOGIE diverse community members is part of which principle?1
  4. Using a definition of household includes everyone living at the residence at the time of disaster, and ensuring that inquiries about relationship status are SOGIE-inclusive is part of which principle?1
  5. Recruiting SOGIE diverse staff for shelters and evacuation centres is part of which principle? a. Build a SOGIE inclusive Organization1
  6. Seeking first-hand knowledge of the special issues faced by LGBTQI+ people on a daily basis, and of how they are at higher risk during disasters is part of which principle?1
  7. Utilizing gender-disaggregated data collection and ensure that this includes data collection on SOGIE-diverse people is part of which principle?1
  8. What is the overall purpose of the disaster inclusion guide?1
  9. What was the overall purpose of VPride’s SOGIE Inclusion in Times of Disaster Report?1
  10. Which of the following was included in the Report?1