Effective SOGIE Inclusion in Times of Disaster

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Part II: SOGIE experiences and inclusion in times of disaster

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  • The Humanitarian Charter
  • International, regional and national laws and other frameworks pertaining to rights
  • Research on SOGIE experiences during disaster
  • Research on SOGIE inclusion during disaster


  • The rights of SOGIE diverse people are recognized and protected under a number of international, regional and national frameworks and agreements.
  • The Humanitarian Charter emphasizes the rights of all people – inluding those of SOGIE diversity- to humanitarian assistance and support
  • In times of disaster, SOGIE diverse people face increased discrimination, harassment, exclusion, assault (verbal, physical, sexual), and are even blamed for the disasters themselves
  • By not recognizing SOGIE diverse people as a vulnerable group, humanitarian organizations fail to protect and include SOGIE diverse people in times of disaster
  • “Equal treatment” is not enough as SOGIE diverse people are in-fact in need of equity not equality
  • Failure to address and include SOGIE diversity means that humanitarian organizations fail:
    • the humanitarian imperative of providing aid and protection to everyone impartiall
    • the humanitarian standard of not doing harm